AKB48 @ “Stand by me Doraemon” preview

At 0:45 Paruru, sooo cute!!!

♡ ot6

As ot6 !! thank you for the past 2 years thank you for working hard and making good music for us hello cupids, thank you for everything. Even though hello venus won’t be the same we will always support you girls (ot6)  no matter what. please continue to achieve your dreams and please always be happy. 

I’m not afraid of being hurt no matter how hard my path is


I’m not afraid of being hurt no matter how hard my path is


Shimazaki Haruka | Soredemo Suki Dayo. I watch this almost everyday, seriously! She’s the cutest! Best solo performance :)


Go to 57:30. This is ANN (radio) from 2014-07-30 (yesterday). They made a phone call to Paruru to announce her that she won the audition between all AKB members, to become the lead actress in Nakata Hideo’s horror movie next year! I’m so proud of her! Congrats Paruru! Also, this call was made around 2am. Paruru sounds sleepy, the conversation is sooo adorable! XD She’s super cute!!

The director is the one who announced the news to her, what he said: ”Paruru still doesnt recognize her own great potential. Sometimes she looked like she had no confidence but she has ingenuousness by virtue of being free from artful deceit, that attracted me. I felt in her eyes both her anxiety about herself and her pure heart to be true to herself.” (cr) (full translation of the phone call)

Paruru’s mobame on 31th July at 14:48(JST) -
"First, I’d like to talk about the audition of the horror movie.
I think it as a big chance for me to progress to the next step from being an idol.
I don’t want to let every member who took the audition and fans complain.
So, I’ll throw away the idea as being an idol, I’ll do my best.
Please look forward to it.
I’d learn a lot of things from Director Nakata.” (cr)

I’m so happy :D Good job Paruru!


MC topic: If you’re a man, who would you take along to watch fireworks with?


Okada Nana revealed her true self


37th kokoro no placard HQ